Hedge Funds/
Family Offices

  • Extensive experience in working with different AUMs and servicing requirements

  • Exemplary service and counterparty quality

  • Platform is multi-solutioning; from execution, clearing, financing, custody and supports EAM and family office account structures

  • Bespoke solutions and services for both managers with less than US$1m in AUM and much larger funds with over US$200 million in AUM

  • Simple capital introduction program with no additional cost

  • Efficient account opening process with class leading turnaround times

  • Flexible and supportive fee structures

Brokers &

  • Extensive experience in the wholesale and retail broker segments

  • Access to consultation, infrastructure and technology

  • Cost-effective revenue uplift method with the provision of our product suite to clients

  • Services include:

    • Omnibus structures

    • Multiple sub account management

    • Introducing Broker arrangements

    • White labelling

    • API Solutions

    • Clearing

    • Custody

Proprietary Traders
High Net Worth Individuals
Sophisticated Investors

  • Direct support for myriad proprietary traders and high net worth individuals

  • Access to the same tools and services offered to institutional clients

  • Scalable technology platform